O-table – 2015

The O-table is about a small and flexible table with inspiration from antique brass candlesticks with handles.
These candlesticks we usually move by inserting our finger into the eye that allows us to smoothly move the candle.
This is the idea of a sideboard based on the same concept, a sideboard with a handle that creates a removable and changeable furniture.
The project started after seeing an increasing need for flexible and easily moving tables.
We often move from place to place in different rooms, and for example, sit and drink coffee in our favourite easychair before we maybe move to the couch or the bed.
Instead of having a table at each place, you now only use one table as you move along.
The handle makes it easy to grab and creates a firm grip that makes it easy to carry the table with one hand.
The bowl-shaped table top prevents items to easy fall off if you happen to shake or bump into anything.

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